What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is the rite in which we express a mature commitment to Christ, and receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop.

Parents commonly ask: “What age should my child be when he/she goes through confirmation?”  At St. Andrew’s we recommend children wait until at least 8th grade or older to participate in confirmation.

Confirmation is a 6-8 week class which takes place on Sundays after the 10:15 service.  Classes last 1.5 hours and lunch is provided.

For more information, contact Jean Long, Minister to Children, Youth, Younger Adults and Families at or 816-523-1602 ext. 115

Confirmation 2016

Confirmation Class Outline January 13, 2019 through February 17, 2019

Class Location:  Auxiliary Room

Class Time:  11:45am – 1:15pm

Lunch provided

Class Book:  My Faith, My Life.  Each student will receive this book on the first day of class.  There will be reading assigned each week from the book that corresponds with the class topic for the following week.

Class Expectations: 

  1. Youth are expected to attend all classes.
  2. If a youth is not able to attend a class, Jean Long needs to be notified either by email or text.
    2. Cell: 816-520-3064
  3. Youth may miss up to 2 classes during the 6 week period. If a class is missed, homework will be assigned and the youth is expected to turn the assigment in at the next class.


The development of faith is a primary part of our journey in life.  Journeys of faith are often best experienced in the company of others and are richer with trusted guides along the way.   This is why sponsors/mentors are a part of St. Andrew’s Youth Confirmation program.  Sponsors will be asked to be present in the youth’s life while they are going through confirmation class.

Sponsors are asked to explore the following with their confirmand:

  1. Share with one another where you find God in your lives.
  2. Share with one another doubts and curiosity in a life of faith.
  3. Share with one another hopes and affirmations in a life of faith.
  4. What gift of who I am can I share in the world?
  5. Do I feel called at this time to participate in the sacrament of confirmation?

Who should my confirmand ask to be his/her sponsor?

Any person, other than a parent or sibling, who has the gift of sharing their faith journey with others.  Someone who has the gift of listening, curiosity, experience and knowledge of their faith to help the confirmand explore their beliefs in a loving, supportive way.  Someone who has the time commitment to meet with the confirmand once a week for the 6 weeks of class.

If you need recommendations for a sponsor, please reach out to Jean Long at

Class Schedule

Week 1, January 13:  Baptism and Confirmation:  Beginnings

  • Led by: Fr. Jeff & Jean

Week 2, January 20:  Scripture & the Book of Common Prayer

  • Led by: Fr. John

Week 3, January 27:  Creeds & Sacraments

  • Led by: Fr. Jeff

Week 4, February 3:  Church History & Church Structure

  • Led by: Fr. John

Week 5, February 10:  How we live in the World

  • Led by: A lay person

Week 6, February 17:  Instructed Eucharist

  • Led by: Fr. John & Fr. Jeff

Ministry Description & Expectations of a Youth Confirmation Sponsor

  1. Establish a relationship with a young person on a journey of faith with God through Christ in a process of prayer, conversation, and service.
  2. Engage in intentional conversation to share your own faith story and invite the confirmand to share theirs. Share doubts, struggles, affirmations, and graces.  To be equal in listening and guiding.
  3. Pray for young confirmand’s discernment and for the confirmand.
  4. Be a companion at group gatherings when asked.
  5. Be aware of content of class discussions by becoming familiar with the curriculum, My Faith, My Life.
  6. Meet with confirmand weekly during the 6 weeks of class.
  7. Be supportive of the decision the young person makes regarding confirmation at this time.
  8. Should the young person choose to be confirmed, be presenter of the candidate for confirmation on date and time of service.