Student Leadership Team


Student Leadership Team Goals & Expectations

Definition of the Student Leadership Team:

The Student Leadership Program is open to 10th-12th grade students.  The team is involved in the overall leadership of the youth group program at St. Andrew’s.  The team assists in the planning and decision-making of the program.  The team meets regularly and works in partnership with the youth ministry coordinator.  This experience is designed to train, empower, and nurture youth in leadership and spiritual formation.

Spiritual Expectations:

  • I desire to serve God, and I am committed to growing my relationship with God

  • I will be actively involved at St. Andrew’s through attendance and attitude.

Behavioral Expectations:

  • I will strive to set a good example for my peers by actively participating, listening attentively, communicating respectfully, and remaining committed to the responsibilities of the Student Leadership Team.

  • I am committed to a lifestyle made up of healthy choices that honor God.

  • I am willing to remain teachable and grow in my faith.

Leadership/Sunday Youth Group Expectations:

  • I will regularly attend Student Leadership Team meetings each month which will be held the 3rd Sunday of the month beginning at 2:30pm before youth group.

  • I will be accountable for my attendance at both the SLT meetings and youth group meetings.

  • I will arrive 30 minutes before youth group to help get activities ready.

  • I will help plan & lead games, activities and reflection time for youth group.

  • I will extend hospitality to other students and be a role model for St. Andrew’s youth.

  • I will contact a group of youth each week, inviting them to youth group.

  • I will respond to texts from the Youth Ministry Leader. If I do not respond, the youth ministry leader will talk with me about the importance of responding when asked.  If I continue not to respond when asked and have had three offenses I will no longer be able to serve on the student leadership team.